Editing for the Academic and Business worlds.

Semiota edits documents and texts of all kinds — business reports, academic journal articles, advertising copy and promotional material.

Material can be submitted in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Office: Word or PowerPoint files
  • Libre Office: Linux-based documents
  • Lyx/TeX files: Math/Science editor for all platforms

Academic editing:

  • We have experienced specialist editors on hand who can refine your work in Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Humanities and other topics — contact us to discuss your particular field.
  • A thesis editing service is also available for research students (agreement of supervisor required). Make arrangements for thesis editing early, while you are writing. An editor can be a great help when there is ample time, and rushed editing after all of the writing is finished is not the best way to refine such an important piece of work.
  • See more on academic editing here

Business editing:

  • We offer expert assistance in text preparation for advertising and promotional material, websites and more.
  • Be certain of clear, correct copy in your business reports, information reports, marketing reports, annual reports as well as advertising and promotional copy.

Final copy can be delivered as a completed text, or with Track Changes and Comments active. Learn about Track Changes and Comments here.

Substantial revisions will be made only when necessary, and in consultation with the author(s).

Online resources for clients and students

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