Language Services — help with English whenever your business needs it.

Semiota can be your helpdesk for any English language challenges your staff face. Get prompt assistance and advice interpreting written material, writing important documents, or preparing for presentations and meetings. We can create support packages that deliver these services and more. We focus on helping staff to learn skills that will help them become independent and confident in their use of English.

  • Workplace Support: If your staff work in English and sometimes need assistance, a helpdesk-style service is available using email, SMS, phone, Zoom™ or Skype™. This service is also vital if your staff need to deal with English-speaking clients or business contacts, and need to refresh their language skills. Semiota support is based on building your employees’ language skills. We are much more than an on-call dictionary service.
  • Enterprise Courses: We offer English language learning packages to suit staff groups in your business.
  • Online Tuition and Support: The benefits of one-on-one English support and tuition when required, paced according to the learner’s needs. A helpdesk service is also available to business tuition clients.

While some face-to-face contact is possible, most of Semiota’s regular contact with clients and students is through telephone, Skype™, Zoom™, email and SMS. A Skype™ or Zoom™ account is not necessary — we will give you standard telephone numbers or web links with which to call our Skype™ or Zoom™ service if you are not a customer of those platforms.

Confidentiality of both personal and business information is assured. We often deal with sensitive information as we help people with language interpretation, but you can be sure that details will not be passed on.

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